Arockia Raj B · Jun 8, 2017

SQL Connect

How to simply going to get the value of the system language from ^%z?  Because  I got a problem, U2 context isn't setup while connecting the SQL Connect.

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The problem is Data from field "when" column is in english instead of system language. I pretty sure the solution, but I dont know how to implement this. 


This sounds like something you might want to discuss with the WRC (which is what I do!).  You will need to send over a sample table and some test data showing the problem and we'll be able to sort you out in no time.



I'm unsure, exactly, what you're trying to do here.  You could write a Stored Procedure that returns the value of a global pretty easily.  If you need to run code before connecting via ODBC you can use "init code" set up via the $SYSTEM.SQL.SetServerInitCode() API.  I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, though.