Some basic help on how the Developer Community Works

Hi, I have been looking through the InterSystems Developer Community for awhile.

Is there any basic help on how all this stuff works? 

For example:

How can I tell what posts I have already read?

What is "My Content?"

Under Connect - what is the difference between Members and Communities?

Is Favorite and Unfavorite the only two selections? How does this work?

What are Points and how do they work, the same thing with Quiz, the same thing with votes.

If this is to be a replacement for Googe Groups , you must explain this stuff!

I just don't have the time to sit and play here trying to figure all this out.


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The UI, community elements and workflow are very much in flux at the moment - things are changing on a weekly basis as the platform gets refined to be more intuitive and to make it easier for people to connect and get their questions answered.  If you have time to play around and provide feedback, feel free!  But if you don't (and it's understandable) then you can continue to hang out in the Google Groups.  We won't be moving content and users over to the Developer Community until product management feel like it would be an advantageous move and that people will get all of the value that they get from the Google Groups.  

Note that there is a subcommunity which is specifically for providing feedback on the Developer Community so if you see something that you think could be improved, please make a post about it!

Hi Mike,

As Ben pointed out, the Developer Community is new but improving each week. We hope that the content that's being posted here is interesting and useful, which will make people like yourself visit it often. Besides providing our customers with a forum for asking questions and getting direct feedback from InterSystems developers, system engineers and product managers, you will find deep technical content here that is not available elsewhere.

I can help address some of your questions:

- If you have a question about one of the products or would like some feedback on a particular technical scenario, make a new posting. Choose a Group that most closely matches the topic in the posting and add any additional tags to the message that you think are relevant. Tagging will be an increasingly important part of the functionality and cross-linking of content.

- Read tracking hasn't been introduced yet but is in the backlog for consideration.

- My Content displays all content that the logged in user either authored themselves or made a comment on. This will help them find content that they've collaborated on. 

- Members are other people in the Developer Community. Communities are basically "Groups" or logical groupings of postings according to topic.

- Favorite is basically "Subscribe" which allows you to track any updates to a posting. The system will notify you when people comment or the posting is updated. Subscription functionality is something we are designing and will do some additional work on.

- Points: we will be reworking the "gamification" of the site in the upcoming months. There is no real impact or functionality associated with it at this time.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.




Hi, Mike!

Nice to see you in InterSystems Developer Community!

I have you book on my table) Thank you for your work! Can we wait for any new books from you?

I see Paul and Benjamin answered your questions. 

Here are my 2 cents: COS highlighting,  small FAQ. But as Paul mentioned DC is changing weekly so some of the advices became obvious some has become deprecated already.