Wayne Fourie · Jan 14, 2020

SOAPUI mockup service, how to send request.

Hi All,

I'm having an issue where I try to use  SOAPUI for a mockup offline service, my issue is when I have the mockup service running in the background and try to send a request from cache I keep getting the following error: "ERROR #6454: No supported policy alternative in configuration".


I've tried to follow the common guidelines for resolving this issue but no luck.


So if there is maybe a nice article explaining how to send a proper request to the mockup service and then getting the response(which will be hardcoded values I've set).


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Hi Wayne,

I'm not sure I can help you with an article, but for what it's worth, the error indicates there may be an issue with Soap security policies of the service. 

For example, where the mock service is expecting to be called using HTTPS, but it is not. 

To try and resolve, it may be worth reviewing what the mock service is expecting security-wise, and match that with how its being invoked.