· Jan 30, 2017

SOAP and Delegated Authentication

Hopefully this is a simple questions to respond to.  Can you do Delegated Authentication for SOAP web service calls.  I ask as I am not seeing this work as expected.  I have this authentication turned on and enabled in for he CSP Web Application yet I keep getting a "Security Token could not be Authenticated.  And a global I was setting to capture some of the available data is not being loaded.

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Hi Rich. I verified on my 2016.2.0 instance that Delegated Authentication works for SOAP requests. Initially I had problems similar to yours. Check the following:

1. ZAUTHENTICATE.mac is in the %SYS namespace.

2. It has a line similar to

  set Properties("Roles")="%Developer"

Otherwise you’ll get <PROTECT> errors.

Also, you may wish to check Devchange STC2188 – apparently Caché versions prior to 2014.1 had a problem with SOAP  delegated authentication.