Robert Cemper · Jul 21, 2020 1m read

snapshot to JSON

This is a coding example working on IRIS 2020.2 
It will not be kept in sync with new versions 
It is also NOT serviced by InterSystems Support !

This is a sample to use %JSON.Adaptor class available in IRIS
to produce a snapshot of your object.The sample consists of 2 classes that are variations of what was
known in Caché/SAMPLES as Sample.Person.
Be aware that the possibilities are limited by %JSON.Adapter
and how you make use of it.

Once in place you create some test data by Populate(). You select an object and take a snapshot.
You apply changes to your object take another snapshot.
And see the difference.


You may argue:
   "Uhh. We could have done this with %XML.Adapter in Caché since ever !"
But who of you really did it ???




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