Lexi Hayden · Aug 24, 2017 1m read

SMTP Servers to Use in Demos

Recently there was an internal email thread on which SMTP server to use in demos. I thought I'd share the comments from that thread:

  • Person 1: I tried gmail  (, port 465) this morning, it works fine.
    To use gmail, you must enable 2-step verification for your google account and generate App password.
  • Person 2:  I use 

  • Person 3: I, too, use hMailServer as a local SMTP server on my demo VMs, with a mail client (usually Outlook) also on the VM. So no need to connect out to an SMTP server on the Internet. Saves a lot of hassle and risk.

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For testing and demos I would also recommend mailinator. It's main use case to get the email where you send everything: logging, test emails, whatever. 

Hi  Lexi,

I have followed the same steps but i am getting "ERROR #6031: Unable to open TCP/IP connection." error in Ens.Alert Business operation