· Mar 26, 2020

Show a XML message stored in a context variable, using the Production?



We are developing a Transformation and we are wondering: how could we debug and show a XML message which is being an output from a transformation, without storing it into request/response/callrequest/callresponse? We mean, how could we show a context variable in the production?


For example, let's have a transformation which stores an appointment in a variable called: context.especializadasConFormatoPrimarias

How could we show in the Production?

Currently it is being stored as the Transformation's output:


And the way we have found to be able to see what looks like our output, its assigning it to the response directly:

So then, we do see it in the Production:


However, how are we able to show it as a separated xml message in the Production, without assigning it to the response directly?

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