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SQL, XML, Ensemble

Hello everyone!
I need to have a ResultSet of type % SQL.Statement show its contents when it is trafficked in a message property by Business Process.
I tried to use the % XML.DataSet type that inherits properties of type % XML.Adaptor, but did not work.
Is there any other way to traffic as an object, other than within a Stream?

Note: I can not traffic Streams and I will not be able to use Correlate in this case.

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Can you explain a bit what do you want?

Do you want to execute some query and pass all results in it from one process to another in a message?

Yes, I would like to pass through a message a ResultSet. However, I'd like to show the contents of the ResultSet when trafficking the message.

I would like to advise against this course of action, there are several reasons:

  1. Ensemble messages should be as small as possible. If you can pass id only, pass id only, etc. Minimizing message size keeps production efficient.
  2. ResultSet does not contain the data itself, it's more like a compiled instructions on how to get the data. Only when you're calling Next method the data is actually loaded into memory
  3. Results of SQL query should be immediately acted upon, because the older the SQL results, the more they differ with reality. it is best to pass parameters and execute query in-place.

If you want it for debugging purposes you can add a trace event which would store ids only for example, but if you actually need to pass a set of results between different business hosts it may be beneficial to you to rethink the production architecture.

Here's some questions:

  1. What business hosts do you have?
  2. What data do you pass between different hosts?
  3. Can you pass parameters between hosts and execute a query on a target host?
  4. Can you pass not a set between hosts, but rather elements individually?