Ting Wang · Oct 2, 2019

SFTP ERROR #7511: SFTP Error '4': SFTP Error [80102004]: Operation Failed [80102004]

Hi all,

We are delivering files to SFTP server using EnsLib.FTP.PassthroughOperation class and EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdapter. But we are facing error below:

ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPPutFailed: FTP: Failed to Put file '' (msg='Error in SFTP Put('/cachesys/mgr/Temp/HC4IZVmI6w9gEw.sftp','/directory1/directory2/directory3/') ERROR #7511: SFTP Error '4': SFTP Error [80102004]: Operation Failed [80102004] at SFTP.cpp:750,0',code=0).

The SFTP settings is as follows:

Basic settings:

External Registry ID

FTP Server

FTP Port


File Path

File Name


 SFTP Settings

SFTP Append Mode
SFTP Public Key File

SFTP Private Key File

SFTP File Access Mode

 Connection Settings

SSL Configuration



Stay Connected

Connect Timeout


Please advise. Thanks so much

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Maybe a "stupid" answer


You need perhaps to specify "/directorya/directoryb" without the slash.

I have checked where I am working with have around 10 ftp connections and all specifications without the slash.

Thanks Michel,

The reason is that the directory permission is not setup correctly. Will close the post.