Harkirat Dhillon · Oct 25, 2018

Set Restrictions in Health Insight

Is it possible to lock down health insight so a client can only query their own patients? and
Is there a way to use a visualization tool like Tableau instead of the dashboard of DeepSee while still querying from DeepSee?

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While you can use %HSAA_* roles to control the functionality available to a  user, there is no way to restrict what particular data a user sees.  

DeepSee has a REST interface, but I don't know the state of any Tableau integration.

Hi Harkirat!

You have two questions here) Answering on the limits for a particular user.

Yes, you can limit the data user see via DeepSee interfaces.

Implement the callback %OnGetFilterSpec of your Cube which will introduce an extra filter on all the queries to the cube. You can use the $User or $Role of the current user and tie it to a dimension and so filter the data, which is available to a certain user or group of users. So all your dashboards and pivots will use this extra filter to all the data sources.