· Feb 3, 2017

Server sync is way too slow

Is it just me or is the sync mechanism way too slow and too trigger happy to be used for large projects? It keeps "Caching for server connection" which takes a good five minutes!  

Has it been tested with a large number of classes and CPSs? I have about 2000 of each.

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Server Sync does take some time. This is mitigated for intersystems distributed library databases by pre-populating meta data and placing it on the server.

See for example, {serverdir}/atelier/CACHELIB/

If you have libraries of code then you can generate your own and place it on the server under the appropriate directory. You can call %Atelier.v1.Utils.MetaData.Build(databasename) and then add the generated files to We don't do this for you because Caché doesn't have a portable means of creating zip files.

For occasions where you don't have this pre-populated metadata, the initial load can take some time. However following the initial sync, synchronization should be quick as we do sophisticated cacheing and reporting of server diffs. The delay can't be completely avoided because large amounts of meta data have to be transferred over the network.