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I haven't dealt with SSEs yet, but I can say that WebSockets work like a charm. 

SSEs are not using a special protocol, they work within the HTTP specification and are build on the server by setting the "Content-Type" header to "text/event-stream". From my understanding, this can be easily implemented with a CSP page. 

The reasons why SSEs are not as popular as WebSockets are:

SSEs have some interesting advantages over WS like the use of a simpler protocol, automatic reconnection, and event IDs.


I am calling Validic from Ensemble using an outbound adapter and it all works like a charm. Now, they are changing their api to use HTTP Streams (Server-sent events) where they say the connection should be always open!

I can’t find any docs on that and so wonder if you have any suggestions?




I am trying to use Ensemble with Validic 2.0 where they use Server-Sent Events (SSE) but I have no idea where to start! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,