Sabarinathan M · Mar 13, 2018

Sending PDF to Printer using Cache - Windows

Hi All,

I need some help with sending PDF files to printer using cache instead of using third party tools(Adobe, foxit reader, etc..).
Sometime i getting access issue with the exe files.

Can able to send text data to printer using below code.

Set Dev="|PRN|PrinterName"
USE Dev Write "Test printing",!

Any suggestions on sending PDF to printer?

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Hi Sabarinathan

I use pdfPrintCmd - see

it's not free but I have had no issues with it over many years of use

The idea is:
a. Write out the pdf to a directory
b. set xResult=$zf(-1, "print command exe")

The great advantage is that it has command line options that control margins, double sided etc etc

Also it can be run in the background - this is very useful when doing batches of pdf where creating the pdf using FOP can take several seconds - the idea is
a. scan the data via SQL
b. create the pdf
c. use printCmd to send to a printer
To give you an idea of it working I have a client that produces around 50 multi page passport a day - the printing takes around 1 hour - it's set going as a Cache background job and the printer just chugs away.


Hi Peter, Thanks for the response.

We also using an exe that worked for us till now. it prints whatever structure & format the pdf file having and also number of copies as the parameter. 
Worked good for a while. few days before this issue started and resolved on its own without any changes.

So due to this mess, i want to avoid third party .exe usages.

Hi Sabarinathan,

Were you able to send PDF files to printer using cache instead of using third party tools?

We want to send pdf/rtf/doc (though could convert all formats to pdf prior to sending)  files to the print queue using Ensemble classes.