· Mar 15, 2022

Seeking feedback on the design of our new InterSystems HL7 Interface Specialist certification exam

Hello Everyone,

The Certification Team of InterSystems Learning Services has updated exam objectives for our HL7 Interface Specialist certification exam and we need input from our implementation community.  


How do I provide my input? We will present you with a list of job tasks, and you will rate them on their importance and other factors.  

How much effort is involved? It takes about 30-45 minutes to fill out the survey. You can be anonymous or identify yourself and ask us to get back to you. 

How can you access the survey? You can access the survey here  

Note: Your answers cannot be saved. Thus, once you start the survey, please do not close your browser until you are finished.

Here's the exam title and the definition:

HL7 Interface Specialist

An IT professional who:

  • designs, builds and performs basic troubleshooting of HL7 interfaces with InterSystems products


Thank you

Nermin Kibrislioglu Uysal, Certification Exam Developer,  InterSystems

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