· Apr 20, 2023

Security Advisor - Application Error

I am trying to finish build for moving to IRIS HealthShare Health Connect 2022.1 from HealthShare Health Connect 2018.1.3. I am currently using Delegated Authentication using an AD group to match up to the Role in IRIS. The Role has access to everything but the HS Resources because we don't really use the HS Resources for anything. We are mainly using IRIS for the Interoperability Engine. 

When I run System Administration --> Security --> Security Advisor, I am getting the following error.... "It has been logged to system error log (System Operation>System Logs>Application Error Log)." When I look at the Application Error Log I am seeing the following...

Is something different in IRIS that I didn't experience in 2018.1.3? Am I missing something in the Security Setup?



Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209U) Tue May 31 2022 12:13:24 EDT
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