Evgeny Shvarov · Aug 20, 2017

The Second August 2017 DC Release: Group and Members Improvements

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to announce that we introduced the second release on DC in August.

With this release we introduced:

Pagination in Groups

Posts in certain groups (e.g. Caché group) now sorted by the recent post (or comment) date and placed in pages. It is better UI than endless scrolling.

Defaults in Groups

Now, if you click on Create the Post in a certain Group there would be relevant defaults placed in Group and Tag fields.

Redesigned Members page

On the new Members page members are sorted by the number of posts made and there are shortcuts to Posts, Comments and Followers. And also you can see and copy/paste the mentioning code to mention a member in your post.

To be continued -  stay tuned!

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