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scripting out Integrty check and the result output

hi there,

I recently created a shell script to run the integrity check.

I used this as reference - Introduction | InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2023.3

I found the example from above url having a line - "

kill ^IRIS.TempIntegrityOutput(+$job)

it isn't working when I used in a script. it returns the pid of my iris session instead.

I had to simplify the example to run following lines instead - 

Do CheckList^Integrity(,,,,5)
do Display^Integrity(,1,)

script runs fine and can see integrity check results as expected.

however, the output seems cumulative, and output includes all historical run results as well.

I am new to InterSystems and wonder if you can share some experience how I can fix this issue.

thanks in advance,



Product version: IRIS 2023.1
$ZV: 2023.1.3.517.0
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thanks Alexander!

there is my function of the script, it worked just fine. I noticed that there is a mistake in my code that didnt remove the temp file as the results of the check, so every time the script runs, it will dump results into the same file and the file got send to me as email.

anyways, silly me and all fixed.

function integrityChk
# function to freeze the instance

echo 'set sc=$$CheckList^Integrity(,,,,5) do Display^Integrity(,1,) kill ^IRIS.TempIntegrityOutput(+$job)' | irissession $ENV -U%SYS

then passing the parameter to it to let it adapt to environment you want to run with