ED Coder · Dec 5, 2018

Schema not appearing on Mirror

Hi, I updated the schema on our live node, but the change did not occur on the mirror server. Is there some setting that I need to enable? Everything else seems to be updating but the schema has not

Can you advice on what I could be missing or is this something that is known?



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Check if your schema is really homed in the DB that is mirrored.
If it is mapped from a different DB / Namespace the mirror setting of the home DB applies.

Also check mapping settings for both sides.
Mapping is stored in namespace"%SYS" which typically not participates any mirror.
[ just had a similar experience a few weeks ago ]

Hi Robert,

Thank you for responding to my question.

Looks like the default schema is in the ENSLIB namespace which does not get mirrored. I will need to create a new custom schema and make changes there which will then get backed up.