SAMPLE namespace

How to make SAMPLES namespace support Ensemble?

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It can be done, but since all the SAMPLES code targets Caché and none of it uses the Ensemble features, why would you?

The Ensemble equivalent of SAMPLES is ENSDEMO.

If you specifically wanted to make use of the Sample Classes in an Ensemble context then I would suggest one of two approches:


1) Export the Sample Classes and Data and import them into the ENSDEMO namespace though bear in mind that were you to reinstall Ensemble the ENSDEMO database might be replaced

2) The better approach would be to create a new database/namespace which will automatically inherit the Ensembele mappings and then import the SAMPLES classes and data into that new namespace/database


Hi, Vibha! Why do you need that? Why not create new namespace and start there?

I would not recommend you to develop anything in SAMPLES namespace. One of the reasons why not is that it would be erased and updated with every Ensemble version update.

If you want the packages from samples you can easily transfer them to your new namespace.