· Jul 1, 2021

Rich Text Textarea

Is there a ZEN control that allows rich text entry that can be used to print PDF reports

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Zen doesn't have a rich text editor component of its own and ISC's development of new Zen functionality halted several years ago so nothing along those lines is in the pipeline.

However, I know several Zen adopters who were successful at creating custom Zen wrappers around both the TinyMCE and CKEditor widgets.  I'm not endorsing either of these third party tools, I'm just acknowledging that they have been made to work with Zen in the past.  I also vaguely recall one user having luck running the Dojo Toolkit dijit/Editor in an IFrame within a Zen page at one point and successfully passing data back and forth through frame references and ZenMethod calls.  I'm sure there must be others by now as well.  It's not an ideal solution, but certainly something worth investigating before resorting to writing an rich text editor from scratch.

In general, third party widgets that stick to standard HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can usually be "wrapped" as Zen components so long as they are not tightly coupled to some sort of page controller or custom page loader.  Widgets based on "highly opinionated" frameworks (such as Angular) or written in non-standard languages that require extra trans-coding steps (e.g. TypeScript) are much harder to integrate and probably more trouble than they are worth as far as Zen extensions are concerned.

Best of luck.