Robert Cemper · Sep 18

Reviews on Open Exchange - Statistics

I produce my monthly Review Report on OEX packages now for 18 months.
These are a view figures and some comments:

  • Total packages checked = 669
  • Packages tested and reviewed by myself = 294
  • Packages reviewed by other community contributors = 41  
  • Packages without review = 334
    • These are packages that promote partner products
    • or are mostly not available with a Docker set-up
    • or require resources unavailable to me (e.g. license keys)  
    • or I simply didn't understand the subject  (e.g most Health* subjects)

The availability of Docker containers allows me to keep clean my modest testing 
environment. Deleting containers is much easier than cleaning any other settings.

I hope you find these reviews useful for you when you run your own trials.  

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Thanks, @Robert Cemper ! I encourage Docker usage too! It's not only easy to try and thus easier to get a review, but it's also easy for other developers to contribute to your one. Here is the basic template to start your docker development with IRIS.