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Reviews on Open Exchange - #35

If one of your packages on OEX receives a review you get notified by OEX only of YOUR own package.   
The rating reflects the experience of the reviewer with the status found at the time of review.   
It is kind of a snapshot and might have changed meanwhile.   
Reviews by other members of the community are marked by * in the last column.

I also placed a bunch of Pull Requests on GitHub when I found a problem I could fix.    
Some were accepted and merged, and some were just ignored.     
So if you did a major change and expect a changed review just let me know.

# Package Review Stars IPM *
1 custom2hl7 big and complete 5.0    
2 FHIR Editor looks very useful 5.0    
3 iris-table-audit an impressive package 5.0    
4 code-compare traditional solution 4.5 y  
5 Perftools IO Test Suite very useful tool 4.0    
6 SpatialIndex it's a great example 4.0    
7 Webinar-Leveraging-Embedded-Python script to follow video 3.5    
8 EnsembleWorkflow API to Workflow 3.5 y  
9 RSA starter for encryption + ZAUTHENTICATE 3.5    
10 UConv convert 8bit to 16bit unicode 3.5    
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