· Dec 2, 2017

Restrict "Help Contents" to Atelier subjects only?

I started with the Atelier Stand Alone.

Now I have moved on to Atelier as a plug-in to Eclipse.

With the Stand Alone I had access to two help topics, the Workbench and the InterSystems Atelier.

Now, as a plug-in I have access to a number of other help topics.

When I do a Help Contents, how do I eliminate those help topics I have no interest in?

Or only do a Help Contents on the topics that apply to me as a Atelier user?

I apologize if you have already covered this, but there is so much to read on Atelier already.

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Hi Mike, I know you already figured this out yourself but just wanted to write up some instructions for others who find this post.

The Eclipse documentation will contain separate sections for each plug-in. To filter on only the "InterSystems Atelier User Guide":

  1. Select the Scope link next to the search box
  2. Pick the radio button for "Show only the following topics"
  3. Click the New button
  4. Check the Atelier guide and give this scope a name
  5. Click OK > OK

The documentation is also available online here, where it contains only the Workbench and Atelier User Guides.