Rochdi Badis · Feb 20

Restoring backup from journals

Hi Guys,

Could I have the steps on how to restore Cache.dat from Journals pls?



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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To do it, remember to backup the data before the process. Be careful, you can harm your data this way.

Documentation about it. One of the ways, at least. Depends on what you really want to achieve. 

Before, I would recommend learning more about journals, how the data is actually stored, and how the restore works. 

Rochdi, if you haven't created and practiced your own steps for doing journal restore, you might be best served by contacting the WRC or your account team at InterSystems.  Restoring from journals can involve many decisions about where the journals come from, where you are using them now, and several other items -- it can get complicated depending on exactly what you need to do.

Also, you can't restore a complete database from journals unless you have all the journals from the time you created the database, which isn't very likely if you have been using the database for more than a few days.  You also reported a very old version of Caché (2014.1) which might affect how you recover.

Certainly if you are in a crisis situation, contact the WRC for immediate help.