· Nov 18, 2019

REST service with 11G Sql

Hi, I asked last week and they gave me some little tips. But the truth is I still can't carry out this "Project".

I must perform a REST service, using Oracle 11 database. Eh tried anyway to achieve this.

The purpose is to make a REST service, using the database provided to me and use the procedure that is already created.


According to what I read, I made the connection via JDBC and I had no major problem

Then I managed to read the bd inside iris and capture its procedure, but at the time of doing this. The procedure does not work correctly.

The truth is that I am very complicated with this for about 1 month using iris and creating services, but never with an external bd and less oracle. If someone can give me help I would appreciate it too much.

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It's hard to tell what's wrong without all (or more) details. Are you getting an error? If you're not getting an error, are you passing the correct values (values that should return records)? Also, have you tried creating a very basic stored proc in Oracle (select current_date from dual or something like that) and try to use that from IRIS? The exercise will help you eliminate variables for possible issues.