José Ademar de ... · Jan 6, 2022

REST APIs with Intersystems technolgy

Hello developers, I'm a newbie to Intersystems technologies and I started to work with Caché and Ensemble, and to be more specific I'm working with systems integration. In a scenario where I need to develop new software from scratch, would it be better to develop this new software using REST APIs? Does anyone have any recommendations about courses?

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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Here is some useful documentation.

You're going to want to make a class that extends %CSP.REST and set up an application that uses that class as its dispatch class. You'll have a URL map in that class to tell IRIS or Cache what to do with the request. Depending on your specific application, you might also want to get familiar with using %request and %response in that process.

I've used Cache/IRIS Native Provider, but recently I'm moving all my apps to REST. It is OS/IDE independent and commonly used. Cache/IRIS REST API services are very efficient and very easy to use. Recommended.

Regards, Matjaž.