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We would like to retry message so that it's restored to end of operation's queue. This is in situation where order of messages is not needed to be handled by Ensemble, there is version number in message data and receiving application can ignore incoming message if necessary.

We would try to send message until it's accepted (or manually suspended), but this should not block operation's queue.

We have already this in actions:

D - Disable the Operation, log an error and restore the message to the front of the Operation's queue.

Would be nice to have one like this:

Q - Disable the Operation, log an error and restore the message to the END of the Operation's queue.

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Hi Mauri,

The short answer is going to be not via the reply code actions.

You can customise an operation to send a message back around (..SendRequestAsync for instance) which would put it to the back of the queue.

You don't mention the type of message or error that would require this type of behaviour. It does seem a little odd since a message that fails either fails because of a network / end point down problem, or that the message data has failed validation. In the first instance you would most likely want to just keep retrying the same message with a failure timeout of -1, and in the second instance, a message that fails validation would surely keep failing validation until you manually fixed and resent the problem by hand.