Peter Kopp · Sep 26, 2017

Render and print BPL diagrams.

Has anybody devised a process that would allow the render and printing of BPL diagrams created in Studio? Thank you.

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SMP -> Ensemble -> Build -> Business Processes -> [Open your BP] -> Show print friendly version of diagram -> Print that page.

EnsPortal.SVG.SVGPrint.zen page outputs the SVG image so if you need you can subclass it to print SVG to file or inject into some document.

Eduard, thank you for your response. Out of the box this feature works great. However, for large BPL's only a small portion of the BPL is captured. I will look at the class you referenced to see if this limitation can be overcome. If you have any tips for handling those large BPL's, please advise...and thank you again.

"Print" SVG to file or stream. It depends on what you want to do with the image.

For example opening this popup as a separate tab and capturing all web page with auto-scroll would yield a complete bp image.


If you're talking about nested whiles and such, I don't think there's an easy way  to expand them all into one diagram.

Eduard, thank you again. I am now able to capture the primary BPL in a single file.