Removing HL7 Searchtable entries


I've built a custom HL7 searchtable, but wish to remove some of the items.

I've removed the items I no longer wish to index recompiled the custom searchtable, however the previous searchtable values are available when searching messages in the namespace.

Do I need to rebuild the index for this searchtable to purge searching the old values?

I have stop and started the production.




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Yes, I think whenever we add or remove Index to already existing table with data we do need to rebuild indices to accept new and ignore the old indexed items.

I redid the indicies, however I found by trying to relabel properties the extended from the base HL7 searchtable class caused upset.


I got around this by replicating the class as  a new separate class.  This has worked well and rebuilding the indices allowed me to backwards index existing messages.