· Jan 4, 2018

Reference second or third iteration of a field IE: PID-13-4(3)

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to reference a field, however, in our production environment, it can be found in the first second or third iteration. My code was only qualifying on the first iteration. I have been attempting to include all iterations, but I have come up short...below is a snippet of what I am attempting to use.  My original code simply had GetValueAt("PID:13.4") but this only referenced the first iteration. Thanks for any thoughts!

Set PID13 = pInput.GetValueAt("PID:13")
For iIndex=1:1:4 {
  Set Eaddr = pInput.GetValueAt("PID:13.4[iIndex]")
  If (..Contains(Eaddr, "@")) {
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