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Real Webserver Logs Dataset

I'm happy to share with the community a web server log dataset from our longtime customer, an operating company.

Their webserver operates on Apache webserver and contains data which can be useful to analyse a load and search engines activity.

After installing the project, you will get the data for a few months that can show a typical load and activity of clients, robots and also you can see how it depends on day of week, holidays and time of a day.

The Cube is also included in package.

So you can use my previous project (Promjet-Stats) and see dataset in dashboards.

To make that you shoud install package iris-promjet

zpm "install iris-promjet"

It is already preconfigured yo use dataset class.

After that you can see in DSW:

The data in this dataset is slightly different of that Google Analytics for the site reports, so I can define relations between that webserver and analytics to future correction coefficients.

Online demo of data usage can be viewed here :


And one more thing.

This project has also one useful ability to load date from your own webserver logfiles.

I think it is good enought to have separate article. Look for related article.

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