Evgeniy Potapov · Jan 15, 2022 1m read

Your own webserver logfile analyser

Previously I had published The Article about the dataset from a real webserver, which can demonstrate how can activity and load of the Apache webserver depends on day of week, search engines indexing and some network noise.

Now I want to describe one useful function for most of webmasters and system administrators who are interested in obtaining of exactly information about visitors, hardware usage, and also about errors that gaing to their clients.

Here it is

My project also contains a graphical UI that allows you to upload logfiles from your own webserver, load data to the IRIS and watch whats happening in your project.

This graphical loader accesible on that link http://localhost:32792/csp/apacheutils/index.html after launching of the package.


You can get logfiles from Apache or Nginx webserver (e.g. /var/log/apache2/access.log or /var/log/nginx/acces.log usually).

After of uploading a class created by uploader.

Based on the Class you can create a Cube.

And that Cube can be used in Dashboard's dependencies to analyse your logfiles in DSW graphically.

On tip: you can use an existing class name to add more data to existing Cube.

You should re-build that Cube after uploading data by Uploader to see added part.

I did it here:

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