· May 30

Read HL7 message to Iris DB

How to read the HL7 V2.5 messages irrespective of message type to Iris database ?

Source system sends HL7 messages of multiple message types to Intersystems through TCP and these messages are to be inserted/read into iris SQL database.

Product version: IRIS 2019.1
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It's not clear from your post whether you're using any of the healthcare-related variants of the InterSystems suite.

If you're using HealthShare, Health Connect or IRIS for Health, support is included for receiving HL7 messages and storing them via multiple mechanisms. TCP/IP MLLP, HTTP, and file based services are all supported natively.

When configuring a Business Service to receive HL7 messages via TCP/IP MLLP, you would select the EnsLib.HL7.Service.TCPService class and configure the Message Schema Category to "2.5" or "2.5.1" depending on your specific HL7 version. You would also need to configure the port on which to receive the messages, the target Business Process or Operation to act on them, and possibly a few other settings.

Messages received through that service will then be inserted into the Interoperability message store, regardless of HL7 message type; message headers are created to provide tracking/status information and the messages are databased.

If your need is to index and retrieve those messages based on content (patient name, account number, gender, etc), there are additional steps to fetch the specific data elements needed from the messages themselves and populate associated fields in a database structure that addresses those needs. That's something you would need to design; you would populate it using interoperability production components tailored to your filtering requirements and database design.

Thanks for the response you got my requirement, I am good to the services component.

I am new with InterSystems could you please help me out with to which Database these message’s will be Inserted (Table Name) and the messages in database will  be stored for temporarily or permanent.

I am also interested to implement content-based retrievals, so could you please provide me any references/links  for working on fetching data  and  Database design.

Appreciate your Help!!