· May 27, 2020

Read data from Excel


I work as a contractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I want to read data from an Excel workbook. I searched posts here and saw Apache POI suggested. I believe Apache POI is not approved for use within VA. I also believe we should be able to run SQL query against Excel. Has anybody done such a thing or are there other ways to read data from Excel workbooks?


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Hi Oliver,

(other way)
If you connect the MX virtual excel to your m-database, you can read books very simply:
In an Excel cell, write down the formula
$$ReadSheet c:\myfolder\mybook.xlsb#mysheet ^myGlob(myIndex) *

After starting MX, the specified sheet will be read and converted to global.
On one sheet there are many such formulas.

Or read the entire book at once in ^global, and not just one sheet:
$$ReadSheet c:\mx\mybook.xlsb#* ^myGlob(myIndex, *

And you can work with this globals as you like, write the results in Excel or another way.
MX Works with all Cache or IRIS. 

see also


I looked at MX. I added one connection in the Configuration. I am not exactly sure what to do with this tool. However it sure looks interesting, I am working on a dashboard page where I want to frequently read the status of monitored components from an Excel spreadsheet. I think I should be able to collect the data from another file format.