Queues refresh at IRIS 2019.1

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Hi all,

One of the most useful features for me in IRIS was the queue page. From there, I could see how the different elements (BS, BP & BO) from a production were behaving, thanks to the possibility of auto-refresh every second. Great thing.

But we have updated to 2019.1 and this possibility is gone... we need to refresh manually! So, is there any way to set a parameter somewhere to have the queues status refreshed automatically?


Thanks a lot.

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Hi David.

I raised this with WRC following my recent upgrade to IRIS, and the reason given was that the auto-refresh interferes with a new feature that logs out inactive users.

What you need to do (in a Terminal session) is set a global as follows:

>set ^%SYS("Portal","EnableAutoRefresh")=1