· Aug 13, 2018

Query XML messages by Property Path


I need to query my messages and filter by a XML node.  

In the message viewer it would be Critetion Type = 'VDoc Property Path' and class = 'Enslib.Edi.XML.Document'.


At the moment my query looks like this


FROM EnsLib_EDI_XML.Document

where doctype = 'avc:mydoctype'

I need then to look for 'HeadNode:SubNodeValue'

Anyone who could help me out with this?

Thank you

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If I understand your question correctly then I think you'd benefit from defining and using a Search Table.

See from the Documentation -

If you need to query specifically via SQL (and not using the Message Viewer) then see also this answer (though relating to HL7, but relevant in the same way to the XML case) regarding using the Search Table within a query.