Jeffrey Drumm · Jun 2, 2021

Query SearchTable Definitions?

I've poked through the class documentation and globals and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, namely a mechanism that will give me the PropName key and value for each of the Items in an EnsLib.HL7.SearchTable definition. Is there some sort of query that will turn the list of Items in the XData SearchSpec section into a key/value pair of some sort?

For example:

<Item DocType=""  PropName="MSHTypeName" Unselective="true">{1:9.1}_"_"_{1:9.2}</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="MSHControlID" PropType='String:CaseSensitive' >{1:10}</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="PatientID"   >[PID:2.1]</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="PatientID"   >[PID:3().1]</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="PatientID"   >[PID:4().1]</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="PatientName" >[PID:5()]</Item>
<Item DocType=""  PropName="PatientAcct" >[PID:18.1]</Item>


tSearch.MSHTypeName = ""{1:9.1}_"_"_{1:9.2}""

and, say,

 tSearch.PatientID = $LB("[PID:2.1],[PID:3().1],[PID:4().1]")

etc. ...

JSON would be fine, too laugh

Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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