· Jan 9, 2019

Python bindings

Found a strange documentation block about Python bindings in Chapter 3.6 of the Caché manipulation functions with time and date. It looks like this text accidentally copied one to one of the Perl binging documentation. It's funny that the packages of functions called PTIME_STRUCTPtr, PDATE_STRUCTPtr and PTIMESTAMP_STRUCTPtr is suspicious for Python :)  

On the other hand, nothing is said about the functions parse_time, parse_date, parse_timestamp, which are present in /dev/python/intersys/ ahhh!

Has anyone encountered this problem?

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Congratulations! You're the first person to notice that since I wrote the Python book ten years ago.  Yes, I copied those entries from the Perl book and forgot to change the function names. Obviously "Perl binging" is not a typo.

I'll probably fix the old Python book  just as I finish writing the new Python book, covering the upcoming InterSystems IRIS Native API for Python. So please look forward to a new book and a brand new set of typos! With your help, perhaps we can catch them a bit sooner this time...