· Sep 13, 2018

Purge Task History manually


I've read into console.log that there is some problems writing the global Task History

09/13/18-09:33:00:109 (9052) 0 Error al escribir en global de historial de tareas - Error (ERROR #5002: Error de cache: <DATABASE>%SaveData+20^%SYS.Task.History.1 ^SYS("Task","HistoryD",66179),c:\intersystems\healthshare\mgr\)

(Sorry, the message is in Spanish)

I've created a task to purge the task history every night to remove the last 2 days. But I'm wondering if is possible to clear the task history completally via command or other way.

My first attempt was found this Global and kill it, but I didn't found in %SYS namespaces.

Do you know how to "Restart" the task history?

Don't worry, it is a DEV instance so we can remove all of them.

Best regardas,

Francisco Lopez

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