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A program to prohibit the use of old passwords.

Looking at my old articles recently. I saw an undeservedly forgotten program that can significantly increase the security of your system by not allowing the user to use old passwords when changing.

To meet the requirements of section 8.2.5 PCI DSS "Prohibit the use of old passwords", a small application has been implemented that will be launched by the system when a user tries to change a password and check if it was used before.

You can install the program from the terminal and from the management portal interface

Open IRIS terminal:

docker-compose exec iris iris session iris
%SYS>set ss=##class(Security.System).%OpenId("SYSTEM")
%SYS>set ss.PasswordValidationRoutine="CHECK^PASSWORD"
%SYS>write ss.%Save()

Or add a parameter through the interface:

Password validation routine

I will be glad if my project will be useful in improving your systems in the security section.
I invite you to vote for my project

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