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Production settings

When developing interoperability productions, it might be useful to have settings outside of a Business Host. The primary reason is when you need a setting to affect several different Business Hosts and want to guarantee that the value is the same. While System Default Settings can be used to propagate settings for Business Hosts, they can be changed by overriding the value on a BH level (although the advantage of Business Host settings set via SDS is that they don't need custom code which our current approach requires).
Another reason is when you need to affect non-setting parts of the Business Host configuration (PoolSize, Enabled, etc.)

We will be adding an env setting to a production.

1. In the production class add:

Class User.Production Extends Ens.Production

Property env As %String;
Parameter SETTINGS = "env";

Confirm in portal that setting is available (note that it’s Production setting, and not a setting for individual BH):

  1. In SDS add env setting:

  1. Go back to Production to confirm that the value is available:

  1. Call from anywhere in your BH to get setting value:
Set Value = ##class(Ens.Director).GetCurrProductionSettingValue("env", .sc)
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