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I would like some help/ information regarding queued messages.

I have 1040 messages that are queued, but I only want to process the first 28 of them. Is there a way that I can do that?

If I abort them, would all of them go away?

Would appreciate if you can advice me on this



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If you abort all 1040 of them, you're just changing the status to Aborted. They don't "go away," they're just no longer eligible for processing.

If you want to process the first 28 messages:

  1. In the Queue Viewer, select the queued destination from the list
  2. Click "Abort All" in the Queue Contents column
  3. In the Message Viewer, select the appropriate Source and Target Business Hosts, select Oldest First as the Sort Order, select Aborted as Status, and Page Size as 28 (you can enter any value in the page size box)
  4. Click the "Select All" checkbox at the top of the selection column (to the left of the '#' column)
  5. Click Resend on the Message Viewer page
  6. Click Resend from the Resend Messages page