· Sep 23, 2021

Problem starting production after upgrade cache to iris


We upgrade from CACHE 2016 to IRIS 2021 and when we try to start a production gives the error behind.

I think the error could be that the Ens.Director is deprecated on IRIS 2021, is this possible? 

09/22/21-14:35:35:563 (16501) 1 [Utility.Event] Production AutoStart: ERROR in namespace 'REGINUS': 'ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zgetProductionItems+29^Ens.Director.1 *%Library.CacheStorage -- logged as '22 Sep 2021' number 1 @''' $ZU(56,2)='$Id: //adhocs-iris/2020. $ 9520 0'

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
$ZV: HealthShare Unified Care Record 2021.1.0 Build: 1009 [HealthShare Modules: Core:21.0 + Patient Index:21.0] - IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2020.1 (Build 217_1_20728U) Fri Apr 16 2021 11:11:57 EDT
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Ens.Director definitely still exists in IRIS. That error means the "%Library.CacheStorage" class doesn't exist. I don't know why that class would be called, however, as it has been replaced by %Library.Persistent by comparing CE / IRIS docs.

Are you sure your in-place migration completed successfully? I assume Ens.Director should try to use the corresponding class in IRIS. I think this is a candidate for WRC investigation.

Now that you mention it, I think you have not followed a supported migration path. You can find details in the IRIS migration guides available in the WRC distributions page's documents section, but the minimum version to migrate in-place from is 2016.2.x, and it can be used to go to IRIS 2019.1.1+ or 2020.1. It does not support migration directly to 2021.1.

Actually, reviewing more closely, it looks like your version string is for Unified Care Record / Patient Index. That has a different set of requirements than the basic IRIS migration. I'd recommend closely reviewing the HealthShare documentation - I'm not personally very familiar with the HealthShare side of things, but I'm fairly certain there is a version plateau for HealthShare to allow for the move to IRIS.


this doc page at least is relevant:

Unified Care Record Installation and Migration Guide > Preparing for an Upgrade Installation

"If you are upgrading from a Caché-based Unified Care Record or Information Exchange system earlier than version 2019.1, you must first upgrade to the plateau version 2019.1 before upgrading to this release."