· May 12, 2021

$preprocess failure

There is an undocumented command, $preprocess, that can be called as below. In this case it takes the class name and converts its code into a text array. That includes comments as well. Two questions about it if you know:

  1. Is that the only job that $preprocess does?
  2. Why would it generally work for most classes except for a single class? This is probably a bug since it works in a later Cache option for this class too but I need to work with this Cache version as well. This class does not contain any control characters except for plain vanilla tabs, checked.

Set tResultCode=$preprocess(pClassName,0,pTextArray,tErrList)

Product version: Caché 2014.1
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Dmitry, thanks for the advice. The first function is not available in this Cache version and it will actually export, not just convert code to an array. The Atelier one calls the $preprocess command in question inside its stack and Atelier is not available in this Cache version either. The last function would be perfect but it also calls the $preprocess command in question and this is exactly where the call for this specific class dies, inside $preprocess.