· Jun 12, 2023

Performed API Automation on IRIS Dataplatform?

API performed API Automation on IRIS Dataplatform?

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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Hi Dinesh,
I am working on a tool that is doing the following :
- create Swagger input file to enable manuel testing of api's (by adding enough comments in the resthandler/methods to generate this automatically)
- create UI to enter scenarios to automate unit/integration tests on api's:
-- call api's with parameters and compare response with expected status/response
-- use response of previous api's in a scenario to populate parameters for next api in scenario (e.g. post returns an id, next put will use the id to change, next delete will delete the id)
-- ability to run a scenario (set of api's) in a transaction, and to rollback in the end (by replacing actual REST call by in-process call)