Rochdi Badis · Jan 18, 2022

PDF Zen Reports from Samples

Hi Guys,


I was testing the Zen report from Samples namespace ( ZENReports.PageLayouts) by changing the DEFAULTMODE  from PDF to xlsx and html and noticed that each time I get different output and fields! I thought that the output should be the same and the only difference would be the report format, or am I missing something? try yourself and you will see.



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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There is a difference in the handling of PDF versus excel reports - that specific report PageLayouts does a combination of attributes & elements within its various groups which excel doesn't handle very well. You would need to define your EXCELMODE (please read up on this as ELEMENT is the preferred option). Also because there are multiple groups you would need to make sure that EXCELMULTISHEET set as well. Technically you can change any report from one MODE to another but that doesn't mean that they will function perfectly -- traditionally reports will function best in the mode in which they were specifically designed for.

thanks Julie