Kevin Furze · Jan 9, 2020

pButtons does not generate the actual stats - 2017.2.1 on win64

$zv = Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801_3) Thu Apr 12 2018 10:14:19 EDT

I have a problem with my installation that I've logged with WRC, I've been asked (and have done so) to run ^pButtons

here's what I did.

%SYS>w $zv
Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801_3) Thu Apr 12 2018 10:14:19 EDT
%SYS>d ^pButtons
Current log directory: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\
Available profiles:
     1  12hours     - 12 hour run sampling every 10 seconds
     2  24hours     - 24 hour run sampling every 10 seconds
     3  30mins      - 30 minute run sampling every 1 second
     4  4hours      - 4 hour run sampling every 5 seconds
     5  8hours      - 8 hour run sampling every 10 seconds
     6  test        - A 5 minute TEST run sampling every 30 seconds
select profile number to run: 3
Collection of this sample data will be available in 1920 seconds.
The runid for this data is 20200109_142726_30mins.


so after running pButtons, I see the process, this quits after the thirty minutes, creates the 20200109_142726_30mins.log file in \mgr\ but does NOT generate the normally associated .html file that contains the actual stats.

I log into cache at startup with my own name from the window services, ensure that I have RW privileges in \mgr\ and the .LOG file gets created, so I can't see its that,

Can anyone give any pointers as to why my 20200109_142726_30mins.html file is not created.

I've just kicked off a 24 hr buttons, but don't want to wait 24 hrs before I find out theres' no output



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What's in the log file? Prior to collection in the html there should be multiple log files containing various pieces of information, so tracking down what is/isn't collecting could be useful.

I suspect OS permissions, can you open a terminal making sure you have administrator privileges so that you can run the proper performance monitoring utilities?

You can just run a test 5 minute run to check if things are running properly.

system currently in use so I can't immediately test. I get full access in 10 hours time.

in the mean time, a 5 minute test failed in the same way as did a 30 minute and the 24hour test. Nothing created the html files in all cases.

what's confusing here is that the log file happily go created, but the html file failed.

in each case, there was only ever one single log file which contains the commands that will be executed, no other log files were created  at any time

strangely enough, the ^Buttons file did create the html file from exactly the same window terminal that we've just run the three test of ^pButtons

Your user may have permissions to write a file to the output directory, but that doesn't mean you will have access to all the utilities that pButtons will try to run, including Windows Perfmon. There should definitely be more than 1 log file is a pButtons is running normally.

I wonder if the Buttons report was able to collect its cstats as that also requires elevated permissions. You can check that section within the html report to see if it exists.

I would definitely recommend opening an Administrator Windows command prompt and then navigating to \cacheinstalldir\bin, where you can use "ccontrol console <instancename>" to access the terminal. From there try to run a test pButtons.