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Part I: Jasperreports open source drag and drop reports for IRIS

Prepare a Sample application

1. For this tutorial we will use the iris-rest-api-template (, adding some code to install JIRISReport support. Do these steps:
2. Clone the project on a local folder:

$ git clone

3. Edit the file Dockerfile with this content:

ARG IMAGE=intersystemsdc/iris-community:2020.
ARG IMAGE=intersystemsdc/iris-community

USER root

RUN echo ttf-mscorefonts-installer msttcorefonts/accepted-mscorefonts-eula select true | debconf-set-selections
RUN apt-get update && \ 
apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer -y && \
apt-get install fontconfig -y
RUN fc-cache -v -f /usr/share/fonts


WORKDIR /home/irisowner/dev

RUN --mount=type=bind,src=.,dst=. \
    iris start IRIS && \
	iris session IRIS < iris.script && \
    iris stop IRIS quietly

4. Run these command to build and run this sample:

docker compose build up -d

5. Open the source code on VSCode (install ObjectScript and InterSystems extensions if you don't have it yet) and select on bottom docker:iris52773[USER] to open the options:

6. Select the option Open Terminal in Docker:

7. See the terminal:

8. Type zpm to begin zpm shell:

9. Type, execute and wait for the installation (take some time):

zpm:USER>install jirisreport -verbose

10. See the installation results:

11. On VSCode go to Person.cls and execute the method AddTestData (click Debug) with 20 records:

12. Now, we have a database with sample data for your reports.

Download the IRIS JDBC driver

1. Download from  and save into any folder (in my case, D:\projetos\isc\jirisreport-api-sample).

Designing reports with JasperReports Studio

1. Go to and download Jaspersoft Studio CE:

2. Choose the right version for your OS:

3. Now, with Jasper Studio installed, execute it:

4. Now you can see Project Explorer:

5. Click Repository Explorer > Click right Data Adapters > Create Data Adapter:

6. Select Database JDBC Connection and click Next:

7. Set following values for Database Location tab:

  • Name: IRISAdapter
  • JDBC Driver: com.intersystems.jdbc.IRISDriver
  • JDBC Url: jdbc:IRIS://
  • Username: _SYSTEM
  • Password: SYS

8. Now, select Driver Classpath tab:

9. Click Add button and select the JDBC driver file location (from the folder chosen on section Download IRIS JDBC Driver):

10. Now, click Test:

11. Click Finish. Now we have a Database connection for IRIS:


Design a new report

1. Go to File > New > Jasper Report:

2. Choose Blank A4 and click Next:

3. Set Report name AllPersons.jrxml and click Next:

4. Select IRISAdapter and write: 

select * from "dc_Sample"."Person" 

5. Click Next:

6. Select all fields, except ID field and click Next:

7. This report don’t have groups, click Next:

8. See Congratulations and click Finish:

9. Now we have an empty report, but connected to IRIS data:

10. JasperReports works with band concept and we will work with these bands:

  • Title: section for print report title on the first page only.
  • Column Header: used for columnar reports, for print column title at new page.
  • Detail 1: section for database data.

11. On Palette select Static Text and drag and drop for Title section:

12. Edit the text box with the value Person List, format and increase the font size (Arial, 20 Bold, Center).

13. Select Borders tab and click borders for top and bottom:

14. Adjust Title section to fill less space:

15. Click right Page Header and delete it:

16. Do the same for bands Column Footer, Page Footer and Summary and now we have only 3 bands:

17. Expands Fields on Outline, select Name and drag and drop for Detail 1 section:

18. Adjust position for static text Name on Column Header and Name Field on Detail band:

19. Now reduce Column Header and Detail height:

20. Drag and drop the other fields for Detail band and adjust them:

21. Now, format title labels (Arial, 14, bold):

22. Format fields with Arial, 14:

23. Click Save button (or File > Save) on top and click Preview tab to see the results:

24. You have a report ready!

In the next article (part II), we will learn how to run this report from an IRIS report REST API.

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