Override property name to generate a JSON message

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Hi community!

Does anyone know if it´s possible to override a property name to generate a JSON message based on the instance of object?


José Sampaio


Assuming this is on 2016.2 you could override the %ToJSONValue method which is used to generate the JSON.

Here's a sample, using %ToDynamicObject (2016.2+):

Class DC.CustomJSONSample extends %RegisteredObject
Property myProperty As %String [ InitialExpression = "hello" ];

Property other As %String [ InitialExpression = "world" ];

/// Rename myProperty to custom_property_name
Method %ToDynamicObject(target As %Object = "", ignoreUnknown = 0) [ ServerOnly = 1 ]
	Do ##super(.target,.ignoreUnknown)
	Do target.$set("custom_property_name",target.myProperty,target.$getTypeOf("myProperty"))
	Do target.$remove("myProperty")

ClassMethod Run()
	Set tObj = ..%New()
	Write tObj.$toJSON()



SAMPLES>d ##class(DC.CustomJSONSample).Run()

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