· Aug 22

Override change password page

Hi guys,

In Cache CSP application, I have enabled Password expiration days to certain days in System > Security Management > System-wide Security Parameters. When password expires for the users and they try to login the login page takes to standard cache password change page. 

Is there anyway I can display my overridden page instead of standard cache password change page? 

Reason to display my own page:  I needed to break down the UserName, for eg: UserName into CompanyID - IBA and User ID - san.

Currently, I have overridden %CSP.PasswordChange class to CSS.CSP.ChangePassword.cls and included this in System > Security Management > Web Applications > Edit Web Application and CSPSystem user has a role that contains Read permission but I am still receiving the same standard cache password change page.

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Product version: Caché 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.5 (Build 659) Mon Mar 22 2021 07:15:21 EDT
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